PSE2 community drop-in events

As part of its second round of public and stakeholder engagement (PSE2), the Partnership held a series of 10 community drop-in events throughout Cumbria.  These events ran during November and December 2010, and were organised to give people the chance to find out more about the work of the Partnership and share their views on some of the key issues involved in the MRWS process.

The events included information displays, and presentations from members of the Partnership and representatives of the Government.  People were also given the opportunity to take part in small discussion groups and input their views via comment boards and questionnaires.  Representatives from the Partnership, and specialists from the Government (the Department of Energy and Climate Change), the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey, were also available to provide answers to people's questions and more detailed explanations on key issues.

482 people attended the events: 248 questionnaires were completed and 166 further written comments were received. Most people took 30 - 45 minutes to look around the exhibition and give their comments.  Others stayed longer to listen to the presentations and make full use of the opportunity to talk to the specialists.

There was a broad spread of opinion expressed by people who attended, including campaign placards and information leaflets setting out the views of some opposition groups.  A summary of the issues that were discussed and the views/comments that were given was published in a report from the events which can be found in the Public and Stakeholder Engagement category of the Documents section (Document 132), together with information from other strands of engagement and recent newsletters/e-bulletins. 

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