Individual submissions

Submissions made by individuals can be viewed below grouped by User ID. If you made an online response, your User ID will have been sent to you in an email.  All submissions made by post and email have had a User ID assigned to them.  If you would like to be reminded of your ID or find out the ID number assigned to your submission, please email

Where more than one consultation response was submitted by the same person, these have been combined into a single response under one User ID.

User ID 1-100
User ID 101-200
User ID 201-300
User ID 301-400
User ID 401-500
User ID 501-600
User ID 601-700
User ID 701-800
User ID 801-900
User ID 901-1000
User ID 1001-1100
User ID 1101-1200
User ID 1201-1300
User ID 1301-1551


The appendices below are grouped by User ID (as above) and include supporting information submitted by respondents, and full responses that contain e.g. complex information/diagrams.  Where an individual's personal details are included in the response, the respondent has given his/her consent for publication.

User IDs 1101-1200
Appendix A: ID 1109 - Full response

User IDs 1301-1551
Appendix 1a: ID 1325 - Supporting information
Appendix 1b: ID 1325 - Supporting information
Appendix 2: ID 1368 - Supporting information
Appendix 3: ID 1382 - Full response
Appendix 4: ID 1385 - Supporting information
Appendix 5: ID 1388 - Full response

NB Some User IDs are blank/omitted for various reasons, for example where a person registered online to respond to the consultation but did not actually submit a response, or where the ID has been allocated to an organisation, group or school response.

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